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Baby Steps: Dry Skin

Does your baby have dry skin?

BY Amahle Melokuhle

Dec 06, 2021, 04:15 PM

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You might know your own skin type, but do you know that of your baby's? Babies can suffer from dry skin just as much as adults can and like us, if untreated it can become a source of great stress. So what can you do? Diagnose, treat and calm.

Your baby’s skin is a protective covering against the outside world. It’s also a source of interaction, awakening and emotion connected with each of your baby’s senses. Since skin provides protection and aids sensory development, it needs specific care and your full attention from the time your baby is born.

In order to give your baby’s skin the care it needs each day, you need to be able to recognize your baby’s skin type, fully understand the needs and use the right products for that skin type.
Your baby’s skin is like all infant skin, which seems so beautiful and perfect but in fact it’s extremely delicate. At birth, babies have an immature skin barrier. Your baby’s skin is highly delicate and vulnerable to daily outside attacks, and does not reach the first stage of maturity until the age of two.

Between birth and age two, a baby’s skin is not yet able to retain the proper level of moisture it needs for its cells to function properly. 

A baby’s skin has an unsuspected source of strength at birth: a reserve of stem cells, unique for an entire lifetime, enabling the skin to regenerate its whole life, but extremely vulnerable and fragile until the age of 2.

The special nature of a baby’s skin compared to adult skin has been scientifically proven, thanks to an unprecedented Mustela research program spanning more than a decade that studied infant skin from the first days of life.
Dry skin compared to normal skin: Dry infant skin has a deficient lipid barrier and is more dehydrated than normal skin. 
Mustela researchers have discovered – and scientifically proven – that dry infant skin is a type of skin structure that becomes evident within the first few days of life.

So what can you do as a mother? Make sure that you're treating the skin with the very best product on the market.

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