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3 Tips To Rock Online Exams

More and more institutions are going with virtual exam venues - make sure you’re ready

BY Naledi K

Aug 31, 2021, 02:56 PM

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There’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed life as we used to know it. Even though it, unfortunately, didn’t make school a thing of the past, it has certainly changed the way we do things at learning institutions all over the world. One of the biggest changes is by far changing from writing exams in a big hall, with all your classmates while a dozen invigilators go up and down. Things are done virtually these days and that means there are a few things that need to change for students in the way they prepare themselves for the online exams.

Even though exams can’t truly be described as “easy”, students and learners all over the world had got to a point where we're okay - or at least accepted - that studying and knowing the contents of the study guides and the textbooks and remembering what was taught in class so that we can recall it all in detail when have to write it all up during the exam is compulsory. That remains true even in a pandemic. 
"However, universities and schools can’t ask you questions the way they used to because you will most likely write your exam from the comfort of your home. They won’t be able to help you keep quiet and focus only on your exam paper and that opens them up to a lot of things that students could do to discredit the purpose of the exam, like cheating or writing it as a group."
Most institutions have opted for multiple-choice types of exams, while others have resorted to portfolio style exams and a few have stuck to open book exams. Here’s how best to prepare for these:

Before The Online Exam

In addition to studying and ensuring that you are familiar with the material you will be tested and examined on, writing virtual exams means also preparing yourself to adhere to the virtual exam rules and to familiarise yourself with the platform on which you will be writing or submitting your work. In preparing, you must definitely tick the following of your checklist:

1. Read and Understand Test Guidelines

Different modules will be examining different things in various ways. Make sure for every course, you read the specific instructions of what is expected of you.

2. Know The Test Format

Is it multiple choice? Is it true or false questions based on problem-type questions? Is it an essay and if yes, will you need to reference sources? Will you be filling in your answers and sending the document back in an allocated time frame. All these are incredibly important and go a long way towards making sure you pass that exam.

3. Check The Technological Aspects

Check your devices. Can they download the question paper? Are you able to see the school/university multiple-choice page, where you must fill in your answers? Is the device fully charged? Do you have data to access the internet should it be necessary. Do you know how to submit the exam and what format to do so in? Are there additional apps you need to download before writing? Check all these things way in advance, nothing will be more stressful than knowing what you studied and being dribbled by turning a word document into a pdf, so you can submit your exam.

4. Find A Quiet Place

Whether you are at an exam venue or at home, one thing remains true about exams, they need you to focus. This means they need you to have everything around you to support your peace of mind so that you can easily focus on the task at hand. So find a quiet spot with little to no distractions, let them know at home that you are writing exam so they know to keep the noise down

5. Watch The Time

On d-day, make sure you know how much time you have available for that particular exam. Write/fill-in/ mark ye or no/ choose 1,2, 3, 4 or 5 or whatever is expected of you as fast as possible. If it’s an open book exam, make sure your notes are close by and ready to help you (you know with markers and everything) so you don't spend too much time searching for your answers. Read over your work as many times as possible before you submit it. Make sure you have successfully submitted before you log on and go live your best life.