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5 Tips For Cost-Effective Job Hunting

Job hunting is often a haunting task… it shouldn’t et your last R10 too

BY Naledi K

Jul 20, 2021, 10:40 AM

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Job hunting is one of the hardest things to do and to go through. Not only is it often discouraging and full of rejection, everything you are required to do in order to try and get a job is often a job in itself - a non-paying, difficult that requires a lot of effort with no promise of a reward. If you add the context of living in South Africa  - where our unemployment rate was a scary 32,6% in the first quarter of 2021 - then it goes from zero to a hundred real quick!

It’s obvious that unless you are operating from a sort of privilege (having well off parents to fall back on, having a skill that helps you buy bread even if you are not employed, having a trust fund etc.) you are already financially stretched. 
Job hunting is emotional and very often a mentally draining exercise. Additionally, it often costs more than it should.
For most of us, we survive purely off of ubuntu. It’s the big and small gestures from our families, extended relatives and the community at large. It’s your mother’s church group donating their professional clothes so you have an “interviews outfit” or your mother’s aunt always buys you the basic toiletries and groceries. It can even the uncle next door always lets you keep the change after sending you to the shops or the local spaza shop owner, who gives you piece jobs here and there or lets you use his wifi every now and then.

So it makes perfect sense that anything that could help you save money would be a welcome addition to your list of how to survive living as an unemployed young person. Hopefully, these hacks will help as well.

Check Out The ‘Billboards’ At The Shops/Mall

This hack will require you to have taxi fare unless you are lucky enough to be staying next to the shopping centre/mall. Then notification boards are always filled with people looking to hire people for one thing or the other.

Granted, it is unlikely that you will find a job advertisement for IT or Accounting there, but the community notification boards are otherwise a good place to get a lead on which door you need to knock on next.

Update Your Linked In Account

We live in a mostly digital world and for all the social media platforms that are available, Linked In is the best platform to search for a job. Even better because it saves your job searches and lets you know when a similar job advertisement pops up later.

This and adding your email address to recruiting sites and sites such as Pnet, will help. Also, don’t totally discount Facebook or Twitter, follow groups or pages that post jobs and follow the right hashtags on Twitter.

Read the Free Community Papers

Community papers - which are usually free or really affordable - often have job posts. Publications from the local municipality will often also have job advertisements, so it’s not only the expensive Sunday papers that have that feature.

It is also worth looking at the services your local library may be offering for free, like internet use or scanning important documents, save yourself the millions you would have to pay at the internet cafe.

Pro Tip: Don’t give up, one of the thousands of CVs you send out will one day have a “We are pleased to invite you for an interview” email follow or better yet, a “We are pleased to let you know that you got the job.”