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6 Lifechanging CV Hacks

These might just score you that dream job Sis!

BY Stephanie Kapfunde

Apr 01, 2021, 07:39 AM

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Yazini? Writing, let alone updating a CV can be torture!

It's worse if you struggle with your self-esteem so pitching why you'd be a great pick even if you are, can feel like chewing glass! Well, here are a few hacks to make professional shameless self-promotion a breeze. 

1. Be You

Sounds ground-breaking right? Well, it is. Bring to the fore what you have achieved, why you do what you do. Tell your value in your CV with conviction to show what you'd be bringing to the table. Liven it up by adding related hobbies. eg. if you're aiming for a Digital Marketing gig add that you teach free classes on Facebook.  

2. But, Don't Lie 

It's tempting to embellish the details. Did you really turn that page from 100 Likes to 500k in a month? The pressure is on to stand out from the pile but if you get away with it, do you really want to bear the cross of living up to the unrealistic expectations you set for yourself? Also, can you imagine the embarrassment of being found out? Ouch! Tough, pass, just keep it, 100 Sis.

3. No Selfies Allowed

Unless you're applying for a gig that has everything to do with your looks, don't put your picture on the CV hun. It's unnecessary. PS: Don't put a selfie on your Linked In profile FFS! Pay the money for a professional shoot asablief!

4. Don't Be A Cliché 

There is clearly not a single potential employee on the planet who doesn't want their potential employers to think they aren't 'hard-working', 'self-motivated' or 'self-starters' but surely you can phrase it a little better.
"Imagine when Hiring Managers/recruiters have to scan through dozens of CVs, and every candidate claims to be a "hard-working and motivated individual"? - The Real CV Guru

5. Keep It Private 

Because we live in a world that's at constant war with inequality, discrimination and generally messy privacy laws, keep your home address, religion, gender, date of birth and identification number out of your CV.  Employers need to judge you on your capability and not a quota mos!

6. Get To The Point 

Make sure your CV is a maximum of 3 pages and includes a clear employment timeline in chronological order. Avoid turning this document into a best selling autobiography by remembering that recruiters, or the robots they use now only take up to 10 seconds-max to keep or bin your CV in any application process.
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