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How To Be An Influencer

Now is your chance to secure that bag!

BY Stephanie Kapfunde

Mar 29, 2021, 12:53 PM

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We all dream of unboxing the coolest freebies and swag bags like the ThickLeeyonce's and Mihlali's of the world.

Influencing isn't exactly an overnight success Sis, it takes work and gumption. In fact, a lot of high earning influencers do this full time. Yes, this their job mos, 24/7. Talk about securing the bag! So if you have hopes of dipping your toe into social media fame, here's a little something to get you ready. 

What Is An Influencer?

Influencers are people and personalities on Social Media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter and Facebook who are called this because they have the power to sway the purchase decisions of their followers. They get paid by brands to influence their followers. 
"South African influencers can get paid between R500 and R10,000 per Instagram post." - Business Insider
Basically, if you're an influencer you get paid to sell or promote products, services and events. 

1. Pick Your Thing 

It's always best to influence on Social Media about something you not only enjoy or care about. But, something you have experience in that's unique to you. Be it drag make-up, luxurious dining on a budget or dope DIY ideas. Pick a you-thing that's authentic and true to what you stand for. By the way, this is also referred to as a niche.

2. Get Your Socials Right 

It's tempting to want to take on everything from Tik Tok to Instagram and Twitter but professionals recommend you stick to two platforms. Make sure you've got an interesting biography that's clear about what you represent and are about. Don't forget the high-quality profile picture for that extra spice. 

3. Understand Your People 

An essential part of being an influencer involves, well, having people to influence. Read up on the technical side of Social Media like Analytics and Insights to fully understand your audience, who they are and what they like.  This often affects how you interact with potential partner brands too. 

4. Be Consistent And Relevant 

Make sure you post regularly consistently so that your audience know when to look out for your stuff. Also, it is important to be consistent to build trust with your followers for more of that influencing stuff. They are counting on you and being the tea they need consistently build the type of rapport brands will pay top dollar for.  

5. Let The Brands Know

Armed with your army of loyal followers it's time for you to get out there and let the people that make the bag to happen know that you are open to collaborating. Drop a hint on your bio including contact information. Reach out to Influencer Marketing Agencies and be open to feedback or even, a big break. Happy hunting and good luck.

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