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Palesa Mokubung On Living Fearlessly

And why she encourages you to do the same

BY Amahle Melokuhle

Mar 01, 2021, 11:18 AM

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Palesa Mokubing
She's an icon for millions of African women, and here Palesa Mokubung shares her secrets for living life on her own terms. Prepare to be inspired.

Palesa Mokubung is the first African to have collaborated with Swedish clothing retailer H&M under her fashion label Mantsho. The Mantsho x H&M collection was sold in their flagship stores and received phenomenal reviews both locally and abroad, yet despite all her international success Palesa continues to support and collaborate with African brands while staying true to her heritage.
Palesa Mokubung
Speaking to us after her collaboration with Black Crown G&T Palesa shares her thoughts on women supporting women and explains why living fearlessly is so important to her. 

Why is encouraging women to be brave so important to you?

"Because life is precious because women are an important influence on society and the world needs that positivity more than ever." 

What about that mindset reflects the Mantsho ethos?

"Mantsho embodies the concept of being fearless. Our designs represent courage, strength, and charisma." 

How do you live fearlessly?

"Living from the inside out and my sensibility to my instincts."
"Women are an important influence on society and the world needs that positivity more than ever."

Why is supporting women important to you?

"Because women support and trust me season after season of fashion week. My entire career is built on how women feel in my clothes." 

How can women support women?

"Being kind to each other and making an effort to support each other’s hustle."

What does owning your crown look like to you?

"It means being patient with myself and others. Excepting my strengths and giving the world time to catch up to that." 

Who do you admire?

"I admire a lot of fashion designers both locally and abroad because it is a very challenging field to be in."