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3 Ways Your Clothes Can Help You Look Slimmer

Clothes can help you create the desired illusion you need

BY Naledi K

Jul 06, 2021, 01:24 PM

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Winter plus living during a global pandemic has done once again. Much to your unhappiness, you gained that 10 kgs you had lost at the beginning of the year when your “New Year resolutions” spirit was still in high gear. Now your clothes are a bit too tight for your liking and since you don’t have the budget for a new wardrobe you need a new plan. So what's the plan? Create the illusion of a slimmer, taller figure with the clothes you already have.

It sounds complicated but it’s really not. Depending on your body shape, natural height and weight, clothes can either make you look bigger or slimmer and taller or shorter. It’s about more than wearing the right underwear or should I say the body-hugging spandex to make your love handles sit tight.

This approach is about being comfortable - well mostly - while directing people’s eyes to make it appear as though you are slimmer or taller.

Keep it Monochrome

The go-to colour is black and other dark shades like your chocolate brown or navy blue. However, other colours work as well. The trick is to wear the same colour on your top and bottom. This elongates your frame. There’s something about confidently rocking one solid colour that leaves you looking elegant and classy. It’s really the cherry on top that it also makes one appear slimmer.

Know Your Stripes

A great way to elongate your frame is to wear vertical stripes. This trick has everything to do with the people who will be looking at you. As compared to horizontal stripes, when you wear vertical stripes you guide their eyes a certain way. They keep the eye running up and down rather than side to side. This trick works for the petite-bodied woman or the plus-size woman.

Wear That High Heel

I know they are not the most comfortable shoes on earth… Equally, most of us don’t like them as much and that is partially because we struggle to walk naturally in them. That’s understandable, not all of us were born with Barbie ballerina feet.

However, wearing high heels is an easy but obvious trick to looking taller and slimmer because they essentially add some height to your short beautiful frame. The heels make you look taller and slimmer.
Plus there are hacks around this particular tip, if you can’t wear heels - because they are uncomfortable - you can go for wedges or smaller heels that still do the job.
"The trick is to remember that the above tips are all about creating an illusion and to know at all times that even if you don’t like the fact that you’ve gained a dress size or two, you still look fabulous!"
Plus, when you are as gorgeous as you are, you’ll find that you are the only one worried that you look bigger because everyone around you only sees a beautiful woman. However, if how you look makes you unhappy - even after applying these awesome tricks - please remember that the power is in your hands. It all begins with the right diet and exercise routine.