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Fashion Is Not All ABout Glam

Real is the new cool

BY Sinazo Mkoko

Mar 24, 2022, 09:25 PM

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We've always known the fashion industry as an industry filled with picture-perfect people and glam. Add social media to that and you’ll see lives and things you may never relate to.

But two local designers and young entrepreneurs who are part of a new generation of ‘genuine influencers’ are redefining that. 

Hadassah Bhero and Zoliswa Mbadu have teamed up with LiquiFruit to create a collection of brightly coloured designs. They have created a unique summer fashion range, showing their authenticity through their very own “Swag Kit”, using taste, the texture, the fruits used, and the colour palate of the packaging to inspire their designs.

Couture designer and creative director, Hadassah Bhero says the fashion industry is more than the glitz and the glam as there are many trials and errors in fashion. 
“Just like everything in life, the fashion industry has its joys and its hardships – that is the reality of the journey to a breathtaking completed design. The processes involved can be extreme, from sourcing fabric to cutting patterns and bringing it into a ‘living’ garment.”
She says the most important thing to do is to know who you are, what you believe in and what your brand portrays and stands for. This way, she says, you remain grounded in your authenticity and try not to blend in with the ‘perfect’ world.

Touching on the challenges in the industry, Hadassah says the country has outstanding talent but not enough exposure. 
“The requirements for being part of fashion shows include formal qualifications, and thus exclude the designers whose work is solely based on raw talent. If one has no fashion certificate, then one doesn’t qualify to showcase as part of the most prestigious fashion shows in SA. Yet fashion is art. It isn’t something you always have to learn. The fashion industry needs to give equal access
to the qualified and the talented.” 

Sharing her sentiments, fashion designer and influencer Zoliswa says she was lucky enough to grow up in a family that encouraged individuality and that’s how she’s managed to keep her authenticity. 
“I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that encouraged individuality. They taught me that my uniqueness is my superpower, so I’ve always embraced this.” 
She says in order for her followers to trust her as an influencer and just someone they follow, transparency is key. 
“People also resonate with authenticity.” 
On tips on how to stay genuine and raw, Zoliswa encourages people to focus on the things they like about themselves and follow people who make them feel good about themselves and who encourage realness.

The marketing manager at LiquiFruit, Paul Moloi said they are excited about this partnership. 
“Both Zoliswa’s and Haddassah’s approach to social media is authentic and this, in turn, resonates with their followers. We are encouraged by their sense of honesty and realness and it’s why we chose to work with them. The final collections are simply stunning with each of them remaining true to their unique sense of creativity.”