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How to always win at online shopping

BY Amahle Melokuhle

Feb 11, 2021, 07:33 PM

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It starts off with such promise, a match made in heaven that will make your life so much happier. And then it turns into disappointment and panic. No, we're not talking about your sex life, we're talking about your relationship with online shopping.

Much like choosing men, if you constantly have to return your choices then you're not doing it properly! But how can you be sure you're picking something that will fit, flatter and not break the bank? Here are our top tips on how to always win at online shopping.

Take Your Own Measurements

Don't just get the size chart and guess, look at the size chart online and then take your measurements.
We know. You’re probably thinking, "OMG, why would I even have time for this?" Ok, well then let us ask you this, do you have time to return the purchase and wait for the store to credit your account?

So, measure your hips, bust and waist and be realistic with yourself. Now is not the time to lie about your weight or your height, save that for Tinder.

Read The Small Print

What material is it made from? Is it dry clean only? What size is the model? What height is the model? Can you watch a video to see how it moves in real life? This all might seem boring when all you want to do is press Add To Cart but it's the only way to make a well-informed decision.

Buy A Measuring Tape

Ask a friend to measure your height as it will ensure a more accurate measurement. Stand up straight, don’t look down and keep your head still. And the reason you need the measuring tape is that our measurements changes, just because you were once a 44inch hip doesn't mean you always will be. 
Okay, now that we've dealt with the basics - it's time to get to the fun stuff... Shopping, shopping and more shopping!