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How To Make Your Summer Wardrobe Work In Winter

Make a plan sis, you can’t die of the cold with a closet full of clothes

BY Naledi K

May 25, 2021, 11:20 AM

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I can’t be the only one feeling like the weather legit just went from summer to full-on winter? I also know that I can’t be the only one who is not “wardrobically” ready for the hot cocoa season.

Yes, it is partly because you broke the promise you made to yourself that when summer of 2020 began, you would go buy all the winter clothes on sale or those gorgeous leather boots with marked-down prices. Or Covid-19 happened and between that and the lockdowns and the loss of income, shopping was nowhere near the priority list in your life… Totally understandable, but now, here you are faced with a closet full of flowy, flower decorated, summer dresses that can’t possibly work for a winter day!

The good news is you are not the only one facing that particular dilemma and since most of us aren’t lucky enough to update or upgrade our closets to match the cold weather, we have to make do with what we have.

We went and scouted the socials for life-saving hacks that may help you navigate the trials and tribulations of making a major summer/spring wardrobe work for you this cold winter.

Layer Up!

People take the skill of being able to layer on clothing tastefully for granted until winter arrives and they need to find a fashionable way to stack five shirts on because there’s a cold front outside! It’s super important to know how to put on several clothing items without making yourself uncomfortable or feeling like everything you’ve put on changes your body shape or makes you look awkward. It’s a skill you learn and perfect over time but one that is the most useful for the cold weather. Especially if you need to make your “summer” clothes work in winter. Learn what fabrics work better to keep heat in #foundationsmatter. Then the order in which you are going to pile on those shirts/spandex or leggings needs to make sense… I mean you need to be able to go pee during the day and stuff...

Accessorise Wisely!

It’s time to put away the chunky metal chains and indulge in your collection of scarves. Nothing will pain you more than a cold metal necklace landing on your bare skin in winter, so it is best to put those away for warmer days. Now back to the importance of accessories; winter outfits mostly lean towards “background” colours and not in your face textures therefore your accessories are a chance to remind the world that you may be cold AF in your leather boots but your spirit is full of colour and sunshine! Your beanie, your gloves, your belt, your over-the-top sunglasses, your stylish beret, right down to the earrings you wear will be the touch of pop your outfit needs to look brand new and winter-ready. Sis, that pair of sunglasses can be the only thing standing between you and outfit greatness!

Accentuate Classic Winter Colours And Textures!

That chiffon and silk dress should probably go into hibernation because winter is all about wool, velvet and cotton. It's the "warm" fabrics' time to shine because some fabrics just don’t put the effort in to keep you warm. Then be clever about the colours you match up to create your OOTD. Colours go a long way making sure you look good and particularly in winter, in colours such as mustard, maroon, brown (essentially earth tones) as well as stone colours like black and different shades of grey all scream winter runway model!
Go on and rock winter sis, summer is only a few weeks away.