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3 Superfood To Help You Survive Winter Flu Season

Truth is, we need all the help we can get

BY Naledi K

Jun 16, 2021, 02:27 PM

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The sad thing about winter is that it also happens to be the time where flu season gets its turn to shine and we usually have no choice but to endure it. One could always get the flu vaccine but the big life hack is to turn to superfoods that help keep our immune system strong so we have a fighting chance against the sniffles.

I don’t like winter. I hate the cold weather, the barren trees, the multi-layered outfits, the short days and long nights, and everything in between. Even more than the constant need for drinking water and the dreadful trip to the cold toilet seat, I hate winter for the unrelenting flu season.
"Everything about winter makes it the perfect season for most of us to catch the flu or the common colds. Now, catching the flu was never fun but catching the flu during a Covid-19 global pandemic? That is an extreme sport unlike any other.
It’s a bit discouraging that even healthy people often catch the flu but they bounce back quickly thanks to a strong immune system. 

So what makes a strong immune system? Food, but not just any superfood. These are defined in the dictionary as “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.”

Sorry babes, the definition definitely excludes pizza or slap chips. However, that doesn’t mean healthy foods aren’t tasty food. Here’s a young list of what to stock up this winter to help you and your immune system win the battle against flu.

Fruits And Veggies

Leafy greens should make up most of your shopping back because they come packing antioxidants that prevent damage caused by oxidation. They are good for you. As are all the other organic vegetables that should make up a huge part of your diet anyway.

While we are encouraged to eat fruits in moderation - because of the sugar they have - lemons and their equally popular cousins oranges, will be your besties, so stock them up! Lemon, in particular, is an excellent source of vitamin C and helps build and maintain your immune system. It also prevents the growth of bacterial infections, reduces pain and inflammation and helps your body balance pH levels.

Raw Honey

It’s not all doom and gloom for those with a “sweet tooth” because on the list of the flu-fighting superfood, is the very sweet product of Queen Bee (not Beyonce) and her workers, raw honey. Forget cough syrups and lozenges, raw honey is a great, all-natural cough suppressant.

It soothes and coats your throat, but also promotes antioxidants, boosts your immune system and increases disease-fighting polyphenols in your blood. A win-win from where I’m standing.

Pro Tip: Garlic and Ginger

Ginger is an ancient superfood with a long history of medicinal uses. It is best known for aiding digestion, reducing nausea and— and lucky for us—fighting the common cold and flu. The antioxidant promotes sweating, which helps your body flush out bad toxins.

Then there’s its equally powerful mate, garlic. Fresh garlic is a known and trusted fighter during flu season. Its secret is an ingredient called allicin. This active component of garlic is antibacterial, antibiotic and antifungal. It helps relieve flu symptoms as well.