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3 Things to Consider Before Cutting Your Hair

The great news is… all you need is confidence to rock any hairstyle

BY Naledi K

Aug 05, 2021, 10:52 AM

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I’m sure you’ve heard the quote “when a woman cuts her hair she’s about to change her life.” Yeah, I have to. It’s a nice quote too but I for one don’t think the act of cutting my hair should add an expectation for the people around me or have me suddenly under pressure because I apparently want to change my life. Because truly… sometimes you just want to cut your hair and it really isn’t tied to some deep, psychological need to be someone else or run for president.

Although no hairstyle should ever stop you if those are your ambitions…
Anyway if you are thinking of switching things up by going for the big chop, it doesn’t have to be deep but there are a few things worth considering.

The good news is, the reason you want to cut your hair is often truly irrelevant. Personally, I usually cut my hair when the seasons change. You know, long hair in winter and short hair in summer - obviously inspired by the weather. Other times it’s been because my hair seems to have decided to stop growing or my hairline seems “unrescuable”. Other times I just crave a change, so I switch up my hairstyle.
“It has also become easier to do whatever I feel like doing to my hair - say experimenting with styles I haven’t tried before because, in the age of weaves and what lace, baby hair infused huuur, if I  botch an experiment I’ll just cover it with my wig.” 
Anywho, I know women who just keep their hair short because they know they can rock it! This is the woman you and I need to be because the number one thing to consider before the big chop is… Confidence!


If you don’t have the confidence to rock a new hairstyle, you will instantly be miserable. No matter how beautiful you look in the new hair. Confidence comes from accepting or embracing yourself as you are. You need to know that you are beautiful even when there are no filters on sight - both Snapchat or real-life filters like makeup or weaves or lashes etc.
Here’s the thing about short hair; it is going to accentuate your facial features and the shape and size of your head and just how pointy your ears are. 

If you haven’t learned to love the above mentioned then you are going to struggle to accept yourself without hair or with short hair.

Be Clear On What You Want At The Salon

Once you know that you love your egg-shaped head and elf-like ears and you are ready to pick your hairstyle please remember that you need to find a salon that will be able to do justice to the new hair-do you want. Don’t be fooled by how “simple” short hair looks. You need someone who is truly skilled in using that machine, that scissor, that razor etc.
When you find your guru, make sure you and him/her are on the same page about what you want. Be as specific as you can be and bring pictures that are as realistic as possible too. I mean, imagine the tragedy it would be if you cut your Afro that everyone loved and praised for a haircut that isn’t even done right!?

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Go short-short or start off with a Rihanna inspired pixie cut. Dye your hair pink or orange or go blonde. Unlike that guy that won’t forgive you for cutting him off last year, your hair will grow back whether you like it or not. New, fresher and ready to take on whatever shape you throw its way.
Obviously, don’t go hurting yourself (side tip: Bleaching your short hair from black to blonde burns and it hurts). Also try to still care for your hair in the best way possible no matter the length, colour or texture.
Remember that no matter how it looks, your hair remains your crown.
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