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3 Self-Care Routines to Try During “Me Time”

Get into the necessary habit of taking time out just to practise self-love

BY Naledi K

Jul 27, 2021, 11:38 AM

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We’ve come a long way as the female species and particularly as Black women. Far different from the women who put everyone else’s needs and wants before their own, we’ve come to a pretty standard understanding that it costs us too much to be everything to everyone, especially if we fill people up from empty cups. So we no longer just preach self-love, we attempt to live it daily. That’s where compulsory “me time” days aka self-love days come in.

These are the kind of days that are just what the doctor ordered for all the hardworking, Black queens worldwide. A day dedicated to filling you up and reminding you that you deserve nice things and love that knows no bounds.
But most of all, days that remind you that the most important kind of love comes from you.

It’s not easy being superwoman, so if we are not careful to carve some time out to re-fill our energy reservoirs and replenish our souls, we run the risk of losing our sanity. Here are some cool, self-care rituals to add to your “me time” this week.

Candle-Lit, Bath Bombs and Bath Salts Soak

The local municipality will probably discourage you from filling your bathtub to the brim but I’m here to tell you that on this day dedicated to loving thy self… go ahead and do it. It’s not like you do it every day, so don’t even feel bad. If your light is that super-bright globe, switch it off and get you some scented candles to set the right mood in your bathroom. Look, I don’t expect it to look like a scene straight out of a Hollywood rom-com - neither should you. However, go all out for yourself honey, you deserve it.

Put your fave bath bomb or bath salt in there, play some serene sounds for the white noise effect and just lay in there and soak. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Extensive Skin Care Time

Some of us have pretty simple - dare I say standard - daily skin routines. Most days that’s all we can afford to do, get clean. But not on self-love day… no sis. On this “me time” day you will slow the whole process down and take your time to give your skin - the biggest organ of the body might I add - all the love it deserves. 

On this day, go ahead and exfoliate your body - scrub where you need to scrub. Then tone and moisturise your skin in the best products you can afford. Cut your nails, wear your face mask, walk around with teabags or cucumbers on your eyes. If time allows throwing in that hair routine as well.

Labour Of Love

This week, choose a day and dedicate it to saying yes to everything you want. Maybe you love a series or a movie that everyone else around you frown upon, watch it. Maybe you love baking and eating cupcakes but the household favourite is scones so you mostly bake that… on this day, screw what they prefer, bake you some “I love me” cupcakes. 

I could continue with examples but I think you catch my vibe by now. Read your book, journal, daydream… fill your the hours of your day with ting you love and enjoy doing.