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How To Find Your Center In Chaotic Situations

The world will never stop spinning but that doesn't mean you should be left dizzy by it

BY Naledi K

Sep 30, 2021, 10:00 AM

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The nature of life is that most things are out of our control. The last year or so alone has been a great example that life needs no permission from you to rip the carpet from right under your feet and that no matter how much you may think you have “everything under control” that is hardly ever the case. In the chaos of life, it is very easy to lose your footing or suddenly find yourself on the brink of insanity because you cannot find your inner zen.

The majority of Black people have always turned to God, church, spirit or ancestors to help them deal with “fate” or the things we have no control over. However, those are not the only avenues through which you could find and keep your inner peace even as the world around you crumbles. Don’t get me wrong, I have no qualms with people seeking their peace from God, nor do I have a bone to pick with those calling their ancestors for divine intervention.
"However, there are other options on the table for those who may have religion or tradition to take refuge in when the world gets tough, chaotic and sometimes just mean and rude."
The Inclusion Solution describes “centering, or mindfulness” as a practice of “getting into a state of relaxed but active focus on the present moment.” We can practice centering or mindfulness either in brief moments or longer meditations. We can practice it through sitting and breathing or something more active like walking or stretching. The key elements to being able to elevate above the chaos around you include:

Taking A Deep Breath

The life-giving act of breathing in and out is exactly what you need to do when the chaos begins to overwhelm you or threaten to engulf you. The act of meditation really revolves around breathing. Being present enough to pay attention to your breathing and almost remind yourself that the air going into your lungs is a reminder that you are alive. 

It breeds gratitude because no matter how horrible your world seems at that moment, you are alive. Remembering to breathe may also help you rid your body of tension, which I always a great way to allow you to relax and let your mind settle down. Taking a deep, mindful breath goes a long way in bringing you back to your centre

Return To Self Through Nature

Meditation is not only sitting in a certain position, eyes closed and “waiting to float''. It can also happen as you walk and feel the breeze on your skin and sometimes a mere change of scenery can make all the difference.

Mind Over Matter

The thing about the mind is that it truly is the power hub of the body and how it is set up can really make or break you. So, it makes sense then that if you are restless or drowning in life’s lemonade or the winds of change blowing your way unexpectedly, the answer lies in your mind.

So stop overthinking. Close the multiple tabs open in the computer called your brain. Visualise a happy version of yourself and focus on her until you are calm enough to feel like you are balanced again. 

When it comes to the mind, you need to operate from a place of self-love and kindness towards yourself. Affirm yourself every chance you get. Here’s the thing, the earth won’t stop pinning - unless you die - but until then there’s beauty even in the chaos and your peace belongs to you and you alone.