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Is A Social Media Detox Possible?

Can you do it?

BY Stephanie Kapfunde

Mar 23, 2022, 10:18 AM

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From Instagram to Tik Tok, when is it the right time to take a sabbatical from scrolling, trolling and SBWLing?

We did some digging and came to the same conclusion that much like all your favourite type of fried goods, moderation matters sis. But maybe you only just casually check on your ex's new boo or engage passionately about Cupcake's #FamilyMeeting or troll a celebrity Live every now and then. You might be wondering: so, mara, how does one measure that it's time to take a break from sosho? Take notes.

When Your SBWL Is Turning Obsessive 

Sis, if at anytime your faves or nay's lifestyles are making you feel a bit kaak about your life, it's not looking good.  Remember, there's a difference between feeling bad and feeling motivated. Honestly, chomi, if someone's wins are making you feel inadequate this is a clear indication that your social media consumption is getting just a little bit TOXIC. Also, why are you filling up your TL or FYP with misery porn mos? Cease and desist! 

You Tweet More Than You Speak

It's not a crime to be an introvert but it's a thing to be physically anti-social while online. That's if you can't enjoy a moment without fleeting a selfie or are a firm believer that it didn't happen unless it's on the gram. Shiyana lento ye social media, just a little bit so that you can reunite with the old school concept of being in the moment.

TL Convos Are Draining Your Mental Battery  

This could be when you log on and the algorithm keeps reminding you of everything that triggers you from dumb bigoted opinions, body shaming, rapey comments to political nonsense. It could be bad enough sometimes to ruin your day or it lives rent-free in your head for a few days. Upsets you enough for you to attempt to reeducate the unwoke in all CAPS. Sis if that's you, for the sake of your mental health, burn some sage and detoxify all that mess out of your system.

Your Reflection Is Getting Hard To Like 

Studies have actually proven that there is a relationship between Instagram filters and body dysmorphia. Body Dysmorphia is "a mental illness involving obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance." So chomi, you wouldn't be the first woman to be a tad bit more self-conscious because of the beauty standards out there. But if you're struggling to match your doctored selfies with the beauty you look at in the mirror. You might need a time out and just maybe, someone to talk to. 

You're Turning Into A Keyboard Mean Girl

There is a false confidence that comes from being online. One can find themselves saying izinto that they could never imagine saying to any one person and that's because it doesn't feel real but chomi, on the other end of that comment section is a human being. Some may even create an actual fake profile, called a burner account to do this. If you are in the subconscious act of shooting the odd mean joke even to celebrities in ways that aren't true to the gracious queen you are in person; you know the drill.  Stop.

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