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3 Cost Effective Ways To Keep Warm

Just when you thought winter was on its way out… in came the cold front

BY Naledi K

Jul 20, 2021, 10:42 AM

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Every single year without fail, most of us are ready to let go of winter and step straight into spring. No matter how prepared you are for the cold weather, one can only handle wearing four layers of clothing - which leads to much more laundry - and paying more money towards the electricity bill for so long. This may be why we all get that “oh no! Not again” feeling in our gut every time the weather channel or app announces an incoming cold front.

The truth of the matter is that winter and cold weather is actually really expensive. No, really, think about it. In winter you need a lot of additional reinforcement to help keep you warm. Everything from the additional food you buy (because somehow the cold weather just calls for warm hearty meals each day) or the extra electricity you use for the heater, straight to the new jersey or coat you need because somehow this winter got colder!

Now of course other people are always good to go… they have the electric underfloor heating and whatever other fancy thing most of us can only dream off. That said, there are a few life hacks available to us on this cold front. Not all of them are conventional but they sure won’t eat into your bank account.

Get You A Hot Water Bottle

Before you say, yey what if it bursts and burns your feet… I want to stop you right there because “no hot water bottle” slander will be tolerated here. This little invention is one of the best ways to escape the often unforgiving cold.

The little rubber bottle with boiling water does a good job of keeping you warm and it’s cheap. And, yes accidents are possible but which thing on earth doesn’t have that possibility?

Get You A Hot Body

Every time it's super cold in Mzansi, the social media streets are filled with people talking about how they are going for sleepovers and how they are due for some cuddles. Let me tell you if you are fighting a cold front, having a warm body next to you will ensure that you are the winner.

Now, as with everything in life, certain choices after you choose to go visit your ex, or your current or your wanna-be partner will lead to other things. I’m sure I don't have to tell you this, but if you have unprotected sex you might fall pregnant (that is one expensive life event) or someone might catch feelings (this is costly too). So be responsible for this particular tip. In fact, maybe just go cuddle with your best friend instead of a man…

Get You A Cup Of Hot Anything

Unless you are one of those ‘I only drink imported coffee’ and ‘plain rooibos tea is boring’ kind of people, getting a hot beverage is reasonably cheap and goes a long way in keeping you warm with no dramatic additional cost.

Hot water with lemon is also recommended… You know kill two birds with one stone, detox and stay warm.

Otherwise, Mzansi is currently in level four lockdown, so it’s really best to stay home, stay safe and stay warm.