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How To Turn Your Hobby Into Money

Maybe your singing voice can do more than sing lullabies

BY Naledi K

Sep 01, 2021, 10:35 AM

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Times are getting tougher, especially financially. Money has to be stretched farther than it’s ever had to before, which means there is a need - now more than ever - for multiple streams of income. So the time to start looking at how you can bring more money in, using skills, talents and knowledge you preferably already have has arrived. Now the issue is, how do you turn your hobbies into money-making machines?

Business is all about supply and demand. Therefore, the biggest part of selling your skill/talent for money is that people have to have a demand for it. This means, if you are going to figure out that people in your estate need a person to water their plants on Saturday or to go shopping for them every second week, you have to look at what you have to offer and compare it to what they need.

Luckily, some things that can make money don’t need much nurturing, just effort. For example, if your elderly neighbour needs someone to buy her groceries (because she doesn’t trust apps and is too scared to go to the store) all you need is your willingness to do it for her for R50 a week…

However, if you are looking into finally making money out of that singing voice or those baking or cooking skills you “inherited” from your grandmother, you may need to put in a little more work before the moola comes running to you.

Refine Your Skill

Whether your hobby is making scented candles or baking cakes, there are different levels of just how skilled you are in that particular thing. You have to first know just how good you are, so you know where to start in refining your skills. For example, your cakes may taste good but look meh?

Or your candles may look and smell amazing but look horrible because you haven’t quite mastered the skill to make them look smoother. Once you figure where you need to improve - just enough to make your product acceptable to a buyer - then find free or cheap ways to refine. This can be volunteering at the bakery or following a candle making guru on YouTube.

Get It Accredited

This is not always easy or cheap, but sometimes all you need is a little paper that will prove to your potential customers that you are legit. If you can get certified in the skill you want to turn into a young business then do it. Even better if it is available online, because it may be cheaper.

The piece of paper shows the people you want to sell to that you aren’t just doing the MC gig or the voice over for their videos as a hobby, so it will be quality because you took the time and effort to get it certified.

Join A Network

This has become easy to do in the age of social media. Join a club for people who have the same hobbies as you. Do you have an obsession with machines or like fixing cars? There’s probably a club somewhere online or in your community for people like you.

When you are aspiring to join the catering business, joining the local facebook club of caterers will teach you trade secrets and what to do(or more importantly what not to) as you learn through your community’s mistakes and successes. There’s always something new to learn or hacks that will improve your skill so that you can make money out of them instead of doing it “just for fun”.

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