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The Secret To Making SMART Money Goals

Turns out to secure the bag you've got to plan for it, period!

BY Stephanie Kapfunde

Apr 16, 2021, 04:14 PM

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Moghel, turns out our biggest money blunder is asila-plan! And when we do, it's all about how to mosha that money. Let's fix that. 

Having learnt the errors of our ways I sought the sage advice of a trailblazing financial investment expert, Vimbai Ndowora who set me straight with quickness. "When I say financial goals I don't mean the goals we have to spend that money, I mean the real thing."

Defining Financial Goals 

But first, we must understand the meaning of these financial goals which according to the internet, are targeted to aim for when managing your money. They can involve saving, spending, earning, or even investing.
But what's fascinating is we are always eager to plan our entire lives from fitness, relationships, religion but we often lack in the financial department. "It's as if we leave the financial planning to fate," says Vimbai. 
So here are some financial planning secrets that switch up your bag. 

Be Specific 

To be able to be 100 with yourself about this goal you need to be sure about why you're aiming for this and how you hope to attain it. Being specific brings you closer to what you are banking on achieving. For example, if you want to save $70 a month you can look at what you've got versus what you are gunning and how to get there. Being specific is a vital part of the financial planning process. 

Put A Figure On It 

Know how when you're on a fitness journey and you peg your daily calories or goal weight, putting a measurable value to your financial finish line does just that. It also gives you a checkpoint to gauge your progress. 

Make It Make Sense 

Because you now have a better sense of the specifics of your financial goal. You'll need a game plan to see it through. But, it needs to make sense sis. Realistically speaking, can these pots be done? What I mean is this big plan, is it within reach with your existing cash flow. 
"It includes equipping yourself in developing the know-how and the right attitude."
It's important to ask yourself if this is doable and to have a sense of sureness that you can see the goal through. Don't be intimidated by the big numbers, it always seems impossible until it's done. 

Tik Tok But Not The App

Time or rather, timeliness is of the essence, so give yourself a deadline to see these goals through. Break them down honestly into bits over short, mid and long-term then incorporate them into your monthly budget. This is also a great litmus test to determine where your goal is specific, realistic and achievable enough to be on the list.

Get that bag right sis, you've got this!

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