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5 Professionals To Consult To Help You Live Your Best Life

Because life's hard, bro!

BY YAZA South Africa Team

Apr 19, 2022, 09:03 PM

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It has taken Black women a while to get to a point where they know that they deserve to live a soft life. To know without a doubt that they deserve healing, to be loved without strings attached and love in return, to achieve their body goals, to smash the glass ceilings and achieve their career goals and so on. However, now that we are here as a collective, the conversation now has to be around how and what we can do to ensure that we live our absolute best lives and that is exactly what this article is about.

Knowing that we want this soft life and being sure that we are worthy of it is an important and equally vital step in the process. However, much as it seems as if the life we want is a destination, the truth is it is actually a continuous journey and it requires constant and consistent effort.
"At face value, what we want is really simple. We want to live happy and healthy lives with all the trimmings. We want to have our cake and eat it."
More than the above, to truly achieve the soft life, one needs to consult multiple professionals to help you get onto the right route in the first place and to help you navigate the maze, so that you come out on the other side soft and breathing easily.

Here are some of the people to consider looking up so you can be on your merry way into a holistic “happy and healthy” life.


Of course, this is where you ought to begin. All the bumper stickers and motivational fridge magnets and random chakra posts on Instagram all point to the true happiness beginning in the mind. We’ve taken for granted the power of our mind for way too long and it’s about time we change that. The therapist is not consulted only when one is going through turmoil or heartache or hard times, they are actually vital to helping you keep your mental state in a continuously healthy state.

Spiritual Guide

Now, this one looks different for all of us. Other people go to God through religion, through pastors or prophets. Others take the route of ancestors and speak to their elders to get the necessary guidance in this life. Some look to fate and the universe and manifest their deepest desires there. While others simply work with auras and energies. 

Whichever way you go about this, you need to always keep this in check and the right guide will go a long way.

Nutritionist And Fitness Trainer

Most of our insecurities are embedded deeply in how we look and how our bodies are shaped. It really is no fault of ours but the way life and society are set up has contributed to making us feel hardly content with how we look.

While acceptance is really important here, sometimes there’s something you can do to go from size 40 to 34 or from size 28 to size 36 if that’s where you want to be. It matters how you go about it, so get proper advice from a nutritionist and fetch your hot body the right way with help from a fitness trainer.

Financial Advisor

As far as the Instagram definition of living soft lives goes, one can not live such a life without money. Material things are important and they matter. Soft life says you need a vacation every few weeks to calm your mind and that a big/small purchase goes a long way in making you giddy and happy and stuff like that.

But important, financial savvy decisions also have to be made. If you are going to work hard for your money, you should get to a point where the money ends up working for you. Most of us need help in this department, so invest in a good financial advisor.

Life Coach

Having a life coach is almost like having a best friend who knows all about you and helps you make better decisions for your unique life when important questions arise. Often without bias or making you feel guilty or some type of way about the options you have or suggestions you make.

You might just live your best life yet if you consult them. They each have extensive knowledge in their field than you do and they each will contribute a thing or two that will help you get to live your best life yet. Don't forget to also take a day at a time.

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