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4 Cute Ways To Show Your Partner Appreciation

Sometimes it really is the lil things that make all the difference

BY Chrizelda Kekana

Apr 08, 2022, 12:56 PM

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In a world where every gesture seems to be getting bigger and all the gifts we see hands exchange on social media gets more luxurious, more expensive, bigger and sometimes just plain “ridiculous”... it’s not difficult to feel like you can’t afford to show appreciation to your partner. It is easy to decide to simply sit it out instead of buying a pair of socks or the trusty ol’ mug when other guys are receiving PlayStation 4 for their birthdays and international plane tickets and all expenses paid vacations in the Maldives for their anniversaries. However, you should never be discouraged from showing your partner just how much you value their presence in your life. There are ways around the gifting issues.

Now, living through a pandemic should have made you realize that tomorrow is not promised. In the last year or so, we have attended more funerals than we ever bargained for and that - as well as watching our loved ones and friends suffer financially, mentally and emotionally - should have made us more grateful for the people we do have.
“More than money, the greatest gift we have is time.”
Time is the one resource that we all have… well, at least until we don’t. So where the money doesn’t reach your ambition to express your gratitude, time will suffice.

Spending time with the people you love is the number one gift you can give them because stacking up those memories for their treasure box will mean more to them than a pair of socks. However, there’s a way to pour both time and money into cute and simple gifts, to show your appreciation.

Affirmation Notes

One of the people I follow on social media took time out to write 365 affirmation quotes on sticky notes and would - every day - put the note in a random place they knew their partner would find it. 

This meant that every day for that year, they gifted their partner with a smile and positive vibes. Now isn’t that just a beautiful thing to gift someone with?

Bake Or Cook Their Fave Meal

At least once a week, turn the day into “enjoying the thing my partner enjoys” day. Cook their favorite meal, make their favorite dessert or back their favorite sweet treat. Do something that you know will leave them feeling joyful, even if they don’t know that that is your intention.

Now, you know what they say about the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart… It has something to do with the stomach.

Find Creative Ways To Help Them Do Bucket List Items

Now, depending on who your man or woman is and what they like, this idea may need some moola. However, depending on how creative you are, the money may not be enough to bankrupt you.

Listen to your partner when they speak about the things they’ve always wanted to do and as much as you can, help them come true, in the most creative and fun way possible!

How About A DIY Gift

Taking time and putting thought to gift your partner may be the only thing that they need. A DIY gift will not set you back because it only requires a rough idea of what they would like, the materials needed to create it and your time. The gift could be as simple as a date jar where you take a jar and some sticky notes of different colors. You then write a date idea like movie night, dinner date or a picnic and a night stroll on each sticky note and place them in the jar. The fun about this is having to experience different activities every time you go for a date and the surprise of not knowing what you'll end up doing until that time to pick a note comes. It is as simple as that and extremely fun.