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3 Magical Ways To Calm Your Toddler Down

If you are going through the terrible twos phase… you are not alone

BY Naledi K

Jul 14, 2021, 11:10 AM

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If nobody ever told you just how hard keeping your sanity and raising a toddler is, you are not alone. The infant stage, which is surprisingly the most popular topic when people think of motherhood, is nothing compared to trying to navigate the world through the eyes of a toddler. The little human beings are seemingly going through a frustrating time in their lives which makes certain parts of their day horrible on the regular and they are contagious, so this usually means you (the mom) are not doing so great either.

As a first time mom, I thought I would have it easy in my parenting journey once I left the “doesn’t sleep through the night, always on my boob, ever-changing coloured poop, burb the kid after every intake of boob juice, colic etc.” stage. Throughout my pregnancy that newborn baby stage was made to seem like the biggest challenge of being a mother and in the words of the several women who gave me unsolicited motherhood advice “after they turn one, it’s smooth sailing and you should enjoy it because you are going to blink and they’ll be graduating from varsity”.

Side note: How to calm an infant is a different article but since you are here: swaddle, soft, soothing movements, white noise, bath time massages and a lot of love work pretty well!
"Now that I am here though, I would like you to know that they undersold the toddler stage. Age one to two is super hard, not just on the mom but on the baby too."
Look, it’s not rocket science for a mom to figure out that their child is probably throwing a tantrum out of frustration for one thing or the other. The obvious guess is, the child wants to say something or articulate just how important or frightening something is for them and they just don’t know how to. 

But, in that moment, when your child is on the floor screaming his/her lungs out in that screeching, super-high pitched soprano, all you want to do is (excuse my strong language) shut them the f*** up. All that understanding of what they are going through flies out of the window and that is a tough situation. It’s also a tough situation that you will face not once, not twice but multiple times in 24 hours - only to repeat the whole thing the following day.

So, I totally understand why you are here. We all need all the tips we can get. Luckily, the internet is a gift that keeps on giving, here are a few good tips.

Give Them A Hug

This is probably the last thing you’ll feel like doing when your child is busy embarrassing you in the toy aisle but sometimes it works…

The loving touch may help them bring the screaming or wriggling down a notch and in that there may be a second or two where they are willing to perhaps hear you out. I’m not promising anything, toddlers are tricky!

Sprinkle Them With Some Water

Or switch off the lights in the room or squeeze their favourite toy… the essence of this is to do something unexpected that will regain your little one’s attention so that you can remind them that you are there and trying to understand what they need.

Then soothe them the best way you know-how and help them focus their mind on something else, preferably something they are good at… count from one to five with them and then give them a massive round of applause so both of y’all can move on from that tough moment.

Be Patient…

Yes, this is not for the toddler, it’s for mommy. These tantrums are part of life and there’s nothing you can do about it but survive and to do that you need to be patient and empathetic to your lil one who is really only trying to figure out how the world works.

Also… in case you were wondering, the famous “Black mom warning look” that usually instils fear in kids doesn’t work at this stage so, just hang in there mommy.