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5 Ways To Keep Sisterhood Strong

Sisters fight but the truth of their bond is seen in their willingness to talk it out

BY Naledi K

Apr 09, 2022, 02:44 PM

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My mother has three children and they are all girls so I know a thing or two about living with sisters. However, to know about sisterhood, I had to make and lose a few friends along the way because that relationship is actually mostly high maintenance but always totally worth it!

Here’s the thing about us girls, most of the things the world says about us are true. We hate to admit it - especially when these elements of our nature are weaponized by men and used to pin us against one another - but we are all truly capable of fitting into the typical, society-created mold of a girl.

We know how to gossip, how to pull each other down, how to sabotage each other’s relationships, careers and anything in the middle! We know how to do all that but what nobody ever seems to focus on is just how amazing we are at being the opposite of all that… at displaying true sisterhood in every sense of the word.
So what is sisterhood? Well, it’s a relationship between sisters but it is slightly deeper. Sisterhood is also defined in the dictionary as “an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade.” 
I vibe more with the use of the phrase "a community of women" because that’s what I’ve come to know sisterhood as.

I know I don’t need to give you this list but For Coloured Girls, Girl’s Trip, Set It Off and locally films like Love Is A Four Lettered Word all revolve around the concept of sisterhood. Where different women, bound together by love for each other, go through different life journeys and navigate everything by relying on each other for advice, help and support.
"Being a part of a sisterhood definitely does not mean you won’t fight with your girls or your squad, it just means whatever you fight about will not be bigger than the love you have for each other. "
Additionally, when your sister is fundamentally toxic and refuses to be a good friend despite all attempts to help them be the best version of themselves… You are well within your rights to cut her off.

However, for all of us wanting to be our sisters’ “ride or die”, these three tips will help you go all the way to the top together, hand in hand and maybe even in coordinated outfits!

Always Hear Your Sister Out

In a sisterhood, whenever there’s conflict or drama, the unspoken rule is, your sister must always get a chance to tell her truth. That much, you must give her. What comes after that - depending on how messy the situation is - will quickly reveal everybody’s real colours which are always important for growth. Even if it sometimes may mean terminating one sister’s membership.

Show Up For Your Sister

Sisterhood is about consistency. We are too old to pull disappearing acts on each other. Be present for the photo up moments and the moment we would never be caught taking pictures in. That’s what it’s about. Living life, together.

Have The Heart To Heart Conversation 

Look, always talk it out. Don’t bottle up feelings and hold grudges. If you need to, take your sister with you to therapy. Yes… it’s drastic but some sisterhoods are definitely worth it.

Always Celebrate Your Wins Together

No matter how big or small your wins are, celebrate them together. It doesn't have to be a big celebration, it can be anything you would want to make it. Celebrating wins together automatically gives you a chance to celebrate your sisterhood and the milestones your each making.

Go On Dates

Dates are not necessarily for people in a relationship. A lunch date or a spa date could be a great idea for you to spend time with your girls, to get to know how they are doing, what's new and to just catch up. It is as simple as that.