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A Second Baby With Your Baby Daddy

Is it a good or bad idea?

BY YAZA South Africa Team

Apr 28, 2022, 03:55 PM

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My question to you today sis is, would you have a second baby with your baby daddy? Well, for me, it would all depend with a couple of things. Having a baby has its up and downs so I would have to weigh my options and figure out if it is indeed a good idea or not. I would advise you to do the same, if you are thinking about having a second baby with your baby daddy.

Here are a few questions that I would ask myself, that you can ask yourself as well, before making that big decision

1. How is the relationship?

This is an important question to ask yourself, because it will not only affect you and your baby daddy, but your baby as well, in the future. There is no need for you to bring a baby into the world if you and your baby daddy always fight, or are mostly never on good terms. However, if your relationship is as solid as a rock, there is love between the two of you, you both occasional fights but at the end of the day solve everything, then go ahead by all means. If that is what you both want. Babies are always a joy to have around.

2. Whose idea is it

I am sure we all know that if the idea of having a baby is from one person, especially the woman, it never ends well. The other person, mostly the man, is obviously not ready for that huge responsibility, and might end up bailing on you to deal with your pregnancy alone. So make sure that you both sit down, discuss about it, ensure that you are both in agreement and you are both for that idea. This way, it will be something you both want, something that you will both be ready for and something that you will both be able to handle. 

3. Are you ready

Now this is a question for you sis. Are you ready to possibly go through what you did the first time you were pregnant? Take time to remember the changes to your body, all the hormones, the symptoms and everything you went through to bring your bundle of joy to the world. It could have been easy or it could have been hard. Regardless, ask yourself if you are ready for another baby who you will solely be responsible for, for the rest of his or her life. Because even in old age, he or she will still be your baby. 

4. How is your financial situation

We all know that taking care of a child needs you to be financially ready. There are a lot of things that a baby needs and I won’t lie, the economy nowadays is not making it any easier. Diapers alone are a very pricey commodity and that is not all, the baby needs clothes, food and all the basic necessities. To add to that, when he or she is of age, they are off to school which will be another thing for you to financially plan for. It takes a lot to even have that baby because you will have to go to the hospital and all. You just need to be financially ready to incur all those costs.

If you get to ask yourself these questions and you find out that you have the answers to all, then go ahead by all means. You have it all figured out, you are ready for a second baby with your baby daddy and to you, it is a good idea. But, if you find it hard or you are having second thoughts after asking yourself these questions, don’t take that risk sis. It will not end well. Just shelf it for another time and take it one day at a time. When the time is right, you’ll know.

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