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Stick To Situationships

Guide to a successful situationship

BY Sinazo Mkoko

Mar 23, 2022, 09:39 AM

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Serious relationships are work and a half. Many young people find themselves in entanglements and situationships, because they seem to be easier to manage. They are like normal relationships without commitment. A win-win for people who just want to have some fun. For them to work out, there need to be some rules to be followed. Let’s take a look at five of these. 


Respect goes a long way. People often think that the only people who deserve respect are the people they are committed to and it’s wrong. Everyone should be respected and the fact that you share intimacy with them, whether you are serious or not, they deserve respect. If you agreed that you’ll keep things between you two, respect their need for privacy.


This is key, the only way a situationship will work is if you communicate. This relationship is different from a romantic one where the couple can get spontaneous and do this unplanned. You don’t pull up at their gate without communicating. There are no surprises. With this one, you plan things ahead, link up for that moment and you go back to your busy lives.


Believe it or not, men are the masters of this. As a woman, ready to be in a situationships you don’t necessarily expect cuddles after the deed, but men are cuddlers of note. They will start this and be inconsistent about it, which may cause problems in the connection. If you decide to cuddle after sex, then do that and be consistent, don’t cuddle this week and change next week, This is where the “what are we?” will come from and it won’t be cute.


It goes hand-in-hand with communication, you arrange, how many days in a week do you meet or in a month. This is will make your situationship go smoothly and everyone will know what is expected of them. 


It’s the reason why you wanted to be part of this. Sometimes you’re not looking for something serious but you just want something fun and light. Just, have fun Don’t overthink, you’ll ruin things. Just go with the flow. Keep in mind that anything is possible, someone might find themselves falling in love and you will have to communicate so that you don’t waste each other’s time.